Come join me, Laure Ferlita, for an 
“Imaginary Trip Made Real 
To New Orleans!”
We’ll have five days to explore this genteel, old dame of a city along that has survived wars, split governments, and hurricanes all with a healthy dose of grit and moxie. Layer over that mystery, history, and a large dollop of southern charm and you’ll have yourself a city called New Orleans!

From courtyards, plantations, and balconies to insectariums, museums and garden districts, vampires and crypts to masks and parades, beignets to universities, New Orleans is quite the complex city with many, many facets to discover. 

Oh, the sites we’ll see and the places we’ll go! This will be one fantastically, fun trip! On this extraordinary trip, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your skills to:
simplify complex scenes

eliminate unnecessary details 

• capture the essence of a scene in a limited amount of time

test art supplies to find out what works best for you

and best of all, you’ll come home with an extraordinary sketchbook full of all the wonderful places we will visit!

Gentle critiques will be given along with feedback provided by other travelers. 

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information before you go!

For more information about the trip, please click the link below to download the pdf.

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